How to Search for and Comment on Articles

In order to complete the second part of your Common Assignment in COR-330, you will need to search for and comment on an article/post that one of your peers has made.  Follow these instructions to search articles and post a reply correctly.

1. After logging into the Global Connections website, select the “Topics” dropdown and select your topic.

2. In the right-hand sidebar, select items to filter your search [1-3] then click “Submit”[4].

  • Enter any Search terms you want. [1]
  • Choose the topic from the dropdown list.[2]
  • Select any tags you want to narrow down your search.[3] Once you click in the tag field box, you’ll be able to view all the tags available.

3. To comment on the post, enter your text into the comment field box [1] under the post, then click “Post Comment [2].”

4. Copy the link of the page you have posted a comment to.  You will need to paste this link into the COR-330 Canvas course Assignment Part 2 for your instructor to grade.