How to Post Written Text Only

These instructions will give you the steps needed to post written text as your assignment post on the Global Connections course website.

Please note: It is highly recommended that you create and save your text in another format (Word, Pages, etc.) and then copy and paste the text into your Post as described below.  This ensures that your document is saved elsewhere and that you won’t lose anything.

1. In the Global Connections website, click the “+ New” dropdown, then select “Post”

2. Enter your title of your post.

3. Select your Instructor and Course Section from the dropdown menu in each text field.

If you don’t know the course section you’re in, navigate to your course in Canvas and look for the section # in the top left corner of your course.

4. Paste your text into the text box.

5. Click the appropriate category that applies to the topic your post is about.

6. Create any tags you would like to use and click “Add” to include them.

These tags have not been pre-created and are optional, but they will allow you to add any more specific and unique tags in order to seperate your post from others.

7. Click Publish to make your post appear on the website.

Your post is now vieweable to others.