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History of the Yazidi (Abstract)

The official origin of the Yazidis is still unclear because there are no written documents therefore there are a few ideas from different scholars as well as different Yazidi communities across the Iraqi region as to when/how they came to be. However, the Yazidis originated in Syria, in the vicinity of Basra, and later migrated into […]

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Yazidi Current Events

In my Minority Report class, I wrote about the Yazidi people, and their current persecution that they are suffering through. Historically, the Yazidi people have had a rough life. In fact, the Yazidi have suffered through 72 genocidal massacres in the 18th and 19th centuries alone, and they are currently suffering through their 73rd genocide […]

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Traditional Clothing of the Yazidi

For our middle-eastern ethnic minority research project for COR330-18 Minority Report, my group studied the very seclusive Yazidis of northern Iraq. I specifically studied their traditional and religious clothing, which was one of the only traditions of theirs that outsiders have knowledge of. Their tradition is largely built around storytelling and because of that they […]

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