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An Ode to Arcade Fire- Voodoo Bottle

KAYLA ARENA AN ODE TO ARCADE FIRE– 2017 Glass bottle, multi-sized reflective gemstones, paper, washi tape Inspired by Arcade Fire, the indie-rock band based in Montreal, Canada. Regine Chassagne, a member of Arcade Fire, has roots in Haiti. Through Arcade Fire’s lyrical and visual art, it is evident that they are galvanized through the Haitian […]

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Art Grant Proposal: Vodou as a Graphic Novel

Shaking the Spirit Proposal Connor Chapin   To whom it may concern,   I am asking for a grant in order to create a Haitian Vodou-focused graphic novel series, inspired by the people and relationships in Karen Brown’s ethnographic book, Mama Lola. While ethnographic work, in the non-fiction format that Brown presents the world of […]

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Zonbi: A New Kind of Zombie Movie

Zombies have been a hot topic in the twenty-first century. They’ve made a name for themselves in pop culture. Zombies have been the subjects of popular movies including Night of the Living Dead and Zombieland as well as television series like The Walking Dead. Zombies have also been the theme of countless video games, such […]

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