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Relationship between the Ottoman Empire and Venice

Kenny Clark Prof. David Kite COR-330: Istanbul April 13, 2017 So for my final common assignment I chose to talk about the relationship between Venice and the Ottoman Empire. The mutually beneficial relationship between the city-state and empire allowed both to gain massive wealth. Especially for the Ottomans, the relationship they had with Venice allowed […]

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The Veneto Movement Abstract

For my final paper in Identity and Independence I will be researching and analyzing the current separatist movement of Veneto, Italy. The goal of this movement is to separate the entire Veneto region from Italy, and declare itself its own independent republic. The Veneto region was its own republic during the Middle Ages and the […]

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Veneto Seeks Independence from Italy

Venice, now called Veneto, is different than most other Italian cities because there is no travel by cars, subways, or bicycles. The only real way to get around the city is to either walk or travel by boat around the 117 islands connected by nearly 400 bridges. However, the differences between Veneto and the rest […]

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