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Artifact Analysis Summary – The Gallows

The Gallows – Suhayr al-Tall This is a unique short story that puts much of the details on the reader. Because of this, there are many interpretations of the same story. I interpreted this story as a recount of a public execution. While not quite the most pleasant topic, the story itself is certainly interesting […]

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The Gallows Artifact Analysis (Suhayr al-Tall)

The Gallows by Suhayr al-Tall           The artifact that was analyzed was a short story titled The Gallows by Jordanian author Suhayar al-Tall. Her short story depicts a person on a journey to something unclear, but the journey itself is horrifying. The setting depicts blood and gore and darkness all around […]

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“The Gallows” by Suhayr al-Tall and How it Connects to Patriarchy

For the common assignment, I analyzed The Gallows by Suhayr Al-Tall, which is a story written by a Jordanian woman in an ambiguous way because of restrictive media laws. Because of this, the story contains an abundance of imagery, symbolism, and metaphor that are dying to be analyzed. From afar, the story seems to be […]

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