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Vielvolkerstaat- Shifting our World

Vielvolkerstaat is a German word meaning multi-ethnic state. According to political scientist Christoph Schnellbach of Oldenburg University in Germany, a Vielvolkerstaat or multi-ethnic state is a territorially limited political sovereignty comprising of two or more nations and whose members, including all people, are granted the equal right or legal status even at a the lowest […]

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The Tibetan Liberation from Feudal Serfdom

Tibet is located at the center of Asia. It is home to the world’s highest peaks, an extensive elevated plateau, and deep river valleys. It is also home to more than six million Tibetans. Tibet has an average altitude of over two miles above sea level, and its nickname, “The Roof of the World”, is […]

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Contemporary Daoism In China

One of China’s most popular religions is Daoism. Daoism is one of China’s indigenous religions with its core beliefs based on Chinese culture. The religion is prevalent throughout Chinese history and has seen countless changes in the past few decades. Since the end of the Cultural Revolution in China, Daoism is back and is more […]

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