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Pornography Penetrating the European Union

Pornography is a growing trend that is strongly correlated with the use and availability of the internet, increasing amounts of leisure time and increasingly blurred lines between pornographic material and mainstream culture. Pornography’s penetration into the European culture effects the EU’s economy, law, politics and culture; as well as it’s image. Ultimately, the consumption, content […]

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An Overview of Remote Sensing Technology, Its Uses, and Its Effectiveness

Years ago, it was tough to precisely determine the state of the Amazon River Basin in a geological sense. There was no way to accurately scan and search the entire rainforest for evidence of droughts, deforestation, erosion, and other geological and environmental risks. This made it tough for environmentalists to try to “save” the rainforest […]

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IoT: the Internet of Trees– How Microchip Technology Will Cut Down Deforestation and Beyond

Deforestation and illegal logging have plagued the Amazon for decades. Through policy and international pressure, Amazonian countries, most notably Brazil, have cracked down on illegal logging operations and worked to decrease the amount of deforestation occurring every year. The practice has been generally successful, resulting in an 84% decrease in deforested area from 2004 to […]

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This graceful and serene sculpture depicts Guanyin, one of the most popular of all Bodhisattvas, whose name literally means 'the one who always hears sounds'. Known in China as 'the compassionate Bodhisattva', who listens to every prayer, Guanyin was often placed behind the main Buddha image in a temple. This figure was almost certainly made for a temple in Shaanxi province in northern China. Guanyin's altar surround probably took the form of a rocky grotto related to the throne of rocks he sits on. The fine carving and beautiful surface decoration lend the image its power, while the layers of pigment reveal interesting scientific and historical detail.

Journey to the South: A Video Game About Guanyin and Compassion

Journey to the South is a proposed video game about the figure of Guanyin. The goal of this project is to explore compassion and religion in video games and virtual reality storytelling. The name is a reference to Journey to the West, an epic, part of Chinese classic literature in which Guanyin features prominently as a character.

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Remote Sensing and How It’s Helping Scientists Better Understand the Amazon

Remote sensing is something that scientists have been using to monitor and learn from the Amazon for many years. It’s done by launching satellites equipped with extremely sensitive and complex sensors into orbit. These satellites are then able to scan, photograph, and generally gather data from the Amazon, which is then fed back to scientists […]

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