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Yemen: Where in the World is Tawakkol Karman?

Saudi Arabia, enthusiastically funded by the United States, has spent most of 2015 and 2016 haphazardly bombing Yemen, and the mainstream Western media refuses to cover these attacks.  The conflict between Saudi Arabia and Yemen began with Yemen’s attempt to peacefully transition power from Ali Abdullah Saleh to his deputy Mr Hadi following the 2011 Yemeni […]

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US Military Influence on the Arab Spring

Chris Johnson 11.20.2014 COR330-10 Arab Spring Final Project – Abstract US MILITARY INFLUENCE ON THE ARAB SPRING In late 2010, the Arab World was shaken by a series of major uprisings and revolutions in over a dozen countries. These uprisings were a long time coming, the result of decades of poor leadership, socioeconomic disparity, and […]

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