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Strange Love

For a semester, an exchange student’s life is taken for a roller coaster of a journey, from the highs of love to the lows of near death, the narrator John leads us through a harrowing time in his life. The project that I’ve written is a first person narrative in the style of a post […]

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Shamans: Preserving History

As a skeptic of the legitimacy of shamanistic practices; naturally, I decided to research shamans. The supernatural has always been a topic of fascination for me, even if I do not believe. We live in a world where supernatural beliefs tend to get suppressed. In the past, spirits were used to explain the unexplainable; to […]

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Spirituality and The Supernatural in Chinese Medicine

This past semester, I have gained significant knowledge about spiritual life and vernacular religion in China. This is a subject that, previously, I had very little knowledge of. Learning about the way that religions are developing, after the Cultural Revolution and official atheism under the Communist party, has been a fascinating experience. This suppression that […]

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