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Street Art’s Impact on Egpyt

During the Egyptian uprising, which began in late January of 2011, a great deal of Egyptian people felt as though their primary news sources were unjustly biased. This belief prompted the use of street art to spread the word that felt the most true to the Egyptian people. Pieces such as “Tank vs. Bicycle” by […]

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The Arab Spring And Other Propaganda

The Arab Spring is a term used to describe the uprisings which took place in the Middle East starting in 2011, and which came to a head sometime toward the end of 2013. The expression Arab Spring is a piece of propaganda by itself, with plenty of geopolitical implications in just two words. The period […]

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US Military Influence on the Arab Spring

Chris Johnson 11.20.2014 COR330-10 Arab Spring Final Project – Abstract US MILITARY INFLUENCE ON THE ARAB SPRING In late 2010, the Arab World was shaken by a series of major uprisings and revolutions in over a dozen countries. These uprisings were a long time coming, the result of decades of poor leadership, socioeconomic disparity, and […]

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