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Chinese Altars and Spiritual Practice in the Informal Setting

     Altars are a common structure seen in many different kinds of places of worship across many different kinds of cultures. With the image of the altar comes along a preconceived notion about what it is, what purpose it serves, where it should be, and how it should look. Although altars are important aspects […]

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Qi: Managing the Flow – Abstract

Qi The Abstract history of feng shui Feng shui, a practice of managing qi, has taken many forms throughout history. It has evolved through time and influence from other cultures, and different cultures have taken it and shaped it to their needs and wants. Originating over 3000 years ago, feng shui was once used within […]

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Supernatural Beliefs Embedded in Chinese Medicine

Can you imagine what it’d be like if you were an herbalist who had to expel an evil spirit from someone’s body? For my topic, I’ve chosen Chinese supernatural beliefs embedded in Chinese medicine (qi, yin/yang, etc.). I will share what I’ve learned through a non-fictional story titled: The Pig, The Spearman, & the Zhōngyī. […]

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