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Socialism in Scandinavia– Cultural or Political?

When discussing the political systems in successful Nordic countries (ie. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland), typical rhetoric describes each of these countries as “socialist” or as part of a system called “democratic socialism.” Yet a cursory search about the details of these political systems brings the reader to various news and opinion pieces about […]

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Is there such thing as Successful Socialism?

Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization advocating that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be regulated by the community as a whole. Chiefly seen as an effective societal instrument to minimize wealth inequality and raise overall quality of life, Scandinavia has been used as an example of the success […]

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The Arab Spring and the Baath Party

The Baath party was the socialist party of the Arab world.  The believed in Arab unification but held borderline Nazi ideals.  The Baath party took power by force.  The implemented policies to oppress opposition by violating the basics of ethical conduct.  Political opponents were deemed as “threats to the revolution”.  They were tortured, re-educated and, […]

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