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Socialism in Scandinavia– Cultural or Political?

When discussing the political systems in successful Nordic countries (ie. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland), typical rhetoric describes each of these countries as “socialist” or as part of a system called “democratic socialism.” Yet a cursory search about the details of these political systems brings the reader to various news and opinion pieces about […]

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The Arab Spring And Other Propaganda

The Arab Spring is a term used to describe the uprisings which took place in the Middle East starting in 2011, and which came to a head sometime toward the end of 2013. The expression Arab Spring is a piece of propaganda by itself, with plenty of geopolitical implications in just two words. The period […]

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A View from the Periphery: The Malaysian Judicial System

The Complexity of the Legal System in Malaysia      Certain characteristics distinguish Muslim societies located on the periphery of the Islam. These societies have had to adapt to their surroundings, typically in the midst of other religions, cultures, and traditions. Malaysia happens to be one of these territories located on the edge of the […]

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