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Unearthing the Past of the forgotten Europeans

The discoveries made in the Tarim river basin ameliorate the brazen paradigms of our past assumptions, enabling us to gain a better understanding of the circumstances that encouraged the migration, dissemination, and development of people and cultures across the planet. One of the reasons this discovery was so extraordinary was because of the unprecedented condition […]

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Dragon Ball: Analysis from the Silk Road

Most of us grew up watching TV. Whether we were left with it as a babysitter (thanks, Mom), or we would catch our favorite show in between doing things we were actually supposed to be doing, televisions were an indisputably important part of most of our lives growing up. Extrapolating from that, we didn’t really […]

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Maritime Silk Road and Future Development

Maritime Silk Road             The Silk Road was the most serious trade route throughout much of China and eastern Europe for almost two thousand years. This path saw thousands of travelers and influenced the development of much of China (both internally and internationally). While the Silk Road holds vast important historical significance, it is now […]

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