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Remote Sensing: There is more than meets the eye

This report was made to bring awareness to the uses and usefulness of remote sensing to track the resources within the Brazilian Amazon. Through the use of satellites and aircraft’s, remote sensing is a means of remote gathering of information. This allows us to see what is non-apparent to the viewpoints of many individuals. As […]

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An Overview of Remote Sensing Technology, Its Uses, and Its Effectiveness

Years ago, it was tough to precisely determine the state of the Amazon River Basin in a geological sense. There was no way to accurately scan and search the entire rainforest for evidence of droughts, deforestation, erosion, and other geological and environmental risks. This made it tough for environmentalists to try to “save” the rainforest […]

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Remote Sensing and How It’s Helping Scientists Better Understand the Amazon

Remote sensing is something that scientists have been using to monitor and learn from the Amazon for many years. It’s done by launching satellites equipped with extremely sensitive and complex sensors into orbit. These satellites are then able to scan, photograph, and generally gather data from the Amazon, which is then fed back to scientists […]

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