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Anything to do with religion, whether institutional, vernacular, domestic, folk, or the intersection of pop culture and religion, or the intersection of politics and religion, or the intersection of the arts and religion, etc.

What does it mean to be Jordanian?

Jordan is a country that’s located in Middle East Asia with neighboring countries including Israel, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Jordan culture in consisted of Arabic and Islamic principle. Their official language is Arabic, and English is widely understood among upper and middle classes. Jordan’s population is relatively small (6.5 Million), which may benefit the […]

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Jordan Artifact Analysis – Ceramics

The artifact I’ve chosen to analyze is the picture of the woman doing ceramics. I chose this artifact because I’m familiar with ceramic art and can appreciate how difficult it is. Also how beautiful the outcome is as well. It’s an art that takes a lot of patience and leeway to mess up. When an […]

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Looking for the Shift in Ideology on “Fallen Women” in Ireland

The Magdalene Laundries were institutions in place across Ireland and many other countries that were a place for “fallen women,” deemed unfit to live on their down due to mental illness, incompetence, hysteria and for many women, pregnancy outside of wedlock. From the 1750’s women were held captive in these facilities and forced in labor […]

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Artifact Analysis: Sounds of Amman

The city of Amman speaks. Only hearing the sounds of Jordan’s capital gave a new perspective  to the city and demonstrated the importance of sound. The recording began with subtle gusts and the chirps of birds. Slowly the city came into perspective as cars filled the soundscape. Finally, the Muslim call to prayer, the adhan, […]

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Mythology in Irish Drama and its impact on Cultural Identity

Mythology is a collection of beliefs and ideologies wrapped into stories which are passed down and studied from one generation to another and help to shape our morals and identity on both an individual and cultural level. In Irish performance pieces we find the influence of mythology which offer us a glimpse into the Irish […]

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