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Anything to do with religion, whether institutional, vernacular, domestic, folk, or the intersection of pop culture and religion, or the intersection of politics and religion, or the intersection of the arts and religion, etc.

Afro-Cuban Event

America is known as a melting pot for the reason it is the home for an eclectic group of people from all over the world with different religions, cultures, races, ethnicities, and overall beliefs. I cannot stress enough how significant it is for not only Americans, but the entire population to experience and educate their […]

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The 5 “P’s” of Afro-Creole Religions: A White Paper

To the untrained eye, the practices of Santeria and other Afro-Creole religions like Palo Mayombe and Vodou appear to be sinister and otherworldly. In an attempt to diffuse these negative stereotypes would like to propose a whitepaper that can be used accessible via a suitable website on Afro-Cuban religion. The white paper will overview the five […]

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Boutey Vodou: Ode to the Crazy

In my core 330 class, shaking the spirits, we had to create our own Vodou related art project. Our canvas was a bottle; because of the significance bottles have in Vodou. They are symbolic of many things. Bottles can physically hold, contain, transport, and share things. These physical attributes of the bottle are metaphorical symbols […]

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Sounds of Amman

As part of an exercise to engage with the people of Jordan, and to connect with the everyday citizen on a more personal and empathic way than merely reading an anthropological report, our class was given an assignment where we had to “live with” a piece of culturally significant art. It was our goal to […]

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Boutey Voudou for Lasyrenn by Maggie Bean

In a religious practice that is often stigmatized and misunderstood, Vodou’s art isn’t sought to be understood deeply by popular culture, but rather mystified and used to further a dark magic narrative. After spending the semester learning about the beliefs and practices of Vodou, it’s become evident to me that though the use of art […]

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