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Mohammed Bouazizi: The Fire Burns On

  On December 17th, 2010, Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire in protest against unjust government authority in Tunisia. There are many forms of protest, some more effective than others. Protest can be peaceful, or can be high-risk and may have extreme consequences. Self-immolation is certainly one of the more severe forms of protest, but […]

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“Oneness”: Uighur Life Under PRC Rule

Since their first interactions in the Early Middle Ages, the peoples of the Uighur peoples in modern-day Xinjiang Province and the Han Chinese Dynasties and governments have had a relationship defined by trade, conquest, and cultural erosion of the Uighur peoples. Beginning with trade dominated by the export of horses by the Uighurs, and silk […]

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Protests Across Cultures: Group Research Project

Drawing Across Cultures, COR330-11 Flower Power by Marc Riboud Protests Across Cultures: Group Research Project Eric Naud – Background research Nick Parks – American responses Jeffrey Lloyd – Jordanian responses Connor Breen-Assessment Paige Sweeney – Background Research In our class, Drawing Across Cultures, we learn about the importance of art and symbols across cultures. Across […]

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The Arab Spring And Other Propaganda

The Arab Spring is a term used to describe the uprisings which took place in the Middle East starting in 2011, and which came to a head sometime toward the end of 2013. The expression Arab Spring is a piece of propaganda by itself, with plenty of geopolitical implications in just two words. The period […]

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Will China-Taiwan Economic Cooperation Continue and Grow Through the Year 2020?

  Historically China and Taiwan have had a complex relationship that has at times been quite tense.  Taiwan was once a Chinese territory prior to the 1900’s.  Since this time, however, the relationship between the two countries has by and large been quite tense.  With both countries claiming to represent the true China, there was […]

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