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Irish Poverty

Throughout the semester, almost all of the plays and movies we have analyzed share a common theme. Poverty and financial hardship have been mentioned in many plays this semester, but dominantly in Juno and the Paycock by Sean O’Casey and Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel. The financial struggle in Ireland has contributed to the […]

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Mauritania: Syncretic Islam and the Acceptance of Slavery

Mauritania is one of the few countries in the world living under Sharia law, and it is the last remaining stronghold of slavery in the modern world. Mauritania faces severe economic difficulties annually, with 40% of the population impoverished, only 58% literate, and up to 20% of the population enslaved creating a uniquely disempowered situation […]

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Journal Entries of a $50 Bill

“It had been years since he bought something for himself. The slow trudge, with bottle in hand, to the register was just as much a battle as spending the money. He worked hours upon hours for me. Every thread in my bill was screaming that he was better than this. As the clerk rang him […]

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