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Socialism in Scandinavia– Cultural or Political?

When discussing the political systems in successful Nordic countries (ie. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland), typical rhetoric describes each of these countries as “socialist” or as part of a system called “democratic socialism.” Yet a cursory search about the details of these political systems brings the reader to various news and opinion pieces about […]

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The Arab Spring And Other Propaganda

The Arab Spring is a term used to describe the uprisings which took place in the Middle East starting in 2011, and which came to a head sometime toward the end of 2013. The expression Arab Spring is a piece of propaganda by itself, with plenty of geopolitical implications in just two words. The period […]

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Will the Gaokao Continue to be the Primary Determinant for College Admissions by the year 2020?

Abstract             Every year millions of Chinese students sit down to take the National College Entrance Exam, commonly referred to as the Gaokao. As the sole determining factor regarding entrance into almost all universities in China, the Gaokao has become increasingly intertwined in the social, political, and economic structure of everyday Chinese society. This analytical […]

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