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The 5 “P’s” of Afro-Creole Religions: A White Paper

To the untrained eye, the practices of Santeria and other Afro-Creole religions like Palo Mayombe and Vodou appear to be sinister and otherworldly. In an attempt to diffuse these negative stereotypes would like to propose a whitepaper that can be used accessible via a suitable website on Afro-Cuban religion. The white paper will overview the five […]

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Sounds of Amman

As part of an exercise to engage with the people of Jordan, and to connect with the everyday citizen on a more personal and empathic way than merely reading an anthropological report, our class was given an assignment where we had to “live with” a piece of culturally significant art. It was our goal to […]

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Chinese Altars and Spiritual Practice in the Informal Setting

     Altars are a common structure seen in many different kinds of places of worship across many different kinds of cultures. With the image of the altar comes along a preconceived notion about what it is, what purpose it serves, where it should be, and how it should look. Although altars are important aspects […]

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