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“A Stranger in Jung-gug”: an RPG of Koreans in China

What I intend to propose for my final assignment is a tabletop RPG taking place around the Chinese-Korean Border during the Korean War. The Korean War was a major event for the two nations because with the formation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), the Korean population were “officially recognized as a minority people, […]

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Immagration in Our World: China

In researching ethnic Koreans in China, in relation to Mexican’s in the United States. It raised the questions of what is the same, and what is different between these two immigrant groups. Migration from the Korean peninsula to mainland China has been going on for several decades but not as long as other ethnic minority […]

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The Ethnic Koreans of China

The purpose of these classes is to experience learning about the conditions and cultures of different people around the world. For my final project in Tourism & Ethnicity in China, I chose to look into the ethnic Koreans, also known as the Chaoxianzu, that live in China. From that, I’ve gotten to learn a bit of interesting stuff about them, both the good and the bad details, covering stuff such as how their culture is treated and survives in a country where they’re in the minority, how their culture is holding up presently, and their relationship to North and South Korea.

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