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Women in Wartime: Breaking Free From Gender Roles

For my project, I analyzed the Irish Freedom Movement and the Women’s Movement. The period I’m looked at is rather large, starting in 1916 with the Easter Rising to the Good Friday Agreement, signed on April 10th, 1998. Generally, when we think of war we think of men going off to fight while the women […]

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Wiener Schnitzel and Why it Plays a Role

Nick Beauregard 11/22/16 Vienna Wiener Schnitzel and Why it Plays a Role Wiener Schnitzel is the term for a veal cutlet that has been pounded very thin, is breaded, and pan fried, and it is one of the most famous dishes of Austria.  The term literally means “Viennese Schnitzel”, or “little cut/sliver” and is protected […]

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Ballettsoirée was a ballet that was performed only once, at the Redoutensaal, in the Hofburg Imperial Palace in 1923 (Heisler). It was a collaboration between Richard Strauss, Heinrich Kröller, and Das Wiener Staatsballett (Heisler). Richard Strauss was a composer, however it would be more accurate to say that he arranged the music for this piece […]

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