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Mythology in Irish Drama and its impact on Cultural Identity

Mythology is a collection of beliefs and ideologies wrapped into stories which are passed down and studied from one generation to another and help to shape our morals and identity on both an individual and cultural level. In Irish performance pieces we find the influence of mythology which offer us a glimpse into the Irish […]

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Chinese Goddesses

Chinese religious tradition is rich with supernatural entities, from fox spirits to hungry ghosts to gods. For this project, I chose to focus on the gods. The nature of gods in Chinese religion varies greatly. Some are local, while others are recognized on a national scale. These deities have been known to come and go over the years, as political, social, and economic change results in new spiritual needs for the people.

Being interested in such things, I decided to explore the history and mythology surrounding two Chinese goddesses: Xi Wangmu, the Queen Mother of the West; and Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. Xi Wangmu is a figure in the Daoist pantheon who is not a part of contemporary religious practices, while Kuan Yin is a Buddhist bodhisattva recognized by different names in a variety of countries, and is still venerated today.

Rather than looking at these two figures through a purely academic lens, I wrote a short fiction story in which the two goddesses interact with one another. In this way, I was able to touch upon the differences between their roles in society, the gods’ own social hierarchy, and the consequences of immortality in a world where recognition of specific deities comes and passes.

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Chinese Mythology – Modern Interactive Interpretation of the Classics

From China’s most popular pieces of classical literature, such as The Journey to the West, to simple tales of fox spirits and ghosts, Chinese classical fiction and mythology contains countless fascinating heroes, monsters, and spiritual beings. Many of these characters and beings have many interpretations stemming from wide variety of world views, religions, and time […]

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Su Wukong Board Game Proposal

My game proposal is an overview of the Chinese epic Journey to the West in which the Chinese monkey king and trickster god Wukong leads a monk on a journey to the western world. The game will follow his journey alongside his monk friend Tan San Zang as they travel from China to India in […]

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Folk Gods of Chinese Culture: A Quick-Reference Guide

Chris Johnson 11.19.2014 COR330-09 Gods, Ghosts, & Ancestors Final Project Abstract For westerners traveling to China, what one might find the most surprising about Chinese folk religion is it’s complexity. Over thousands of years, Chinese culture has given rise to hundreds of different gods, each with their own personalities, domains, and idiosyncrasies. Many enthusiasts who […]

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