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El Dorado – The Mythical City that Had Real Consequences

The myth of El Dorado began with the story of a ruler of a city who was powdered in gold dust every morning. The name “El Dorado” translates in Spanish to “the gilded one”, named after the king who was supposedly covered in gold.Eventually the myth morphed to include the a city made entirely of […]

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The Four Great Folktales of China

  I only knew a small grasp of Chinese culture and beliefs, which inhibited me from clearly understanding Chinese folklore and religions. Studying more into the culture, I found that Chinese folklore is rich with many ghost stories and tales that reflect the beliefs of the region. There are so many in fact, that to […]

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Feng Shui

“In ancient Chinese myth there is the tale of a primordial battle. Previously the circular Heaven was separate from the square Earth and was supported by eight great mountains in each of the eight directions. When the water demon Gong Gong fought with the fire god Zhu Rong, he toppled the northwestern [pillar], Mount Buzhou, […]

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