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Namn Nan Boutey Vodou: Danbala Stretched Across the Sky

Vodou is an Afro-Creole religion born out of oppression, resistance, and faith. The Hatian people have been historically repressed by foreign nations and Haitian dictators alike dating as far back as the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Vodou was not accepted by those who controlled the Haitians because it gave them spiritual strength and a unique culture […]

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Swallowed by the Sea (Abstract): Sakina Fu’ad’s Call for an End to Ownership

Swallowed by the Sea: Abstract Sakina Fu’ad’s Call for an End to Ownership   This paper examines the literary significance of Egyptian national Sakina Fu’ad’s work, namely that of her short story Pharaoh Is Drowning Again, and its efficacy in the field of Arabic feminism. While the majority of western attention is placed on other […]

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