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Burning Money Like You’ll Die Tomorrow

Burning money is an ancient Chinese tradition. Real money isn’t being burned, it is being spent on paper imitations which are burned. What these imitations are called can change depending on who you talk to.  Many refer to them as zhĭ or paper but this does not create a difference between the paper that is […]

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Spirit Money For Dummies Abstract

Spirit money and joss paper in general can be an exciting and diverse way for anyone to pay their respects to relatives that have passed on. Joss paper is the overarching term for material used to craft various objects with the express purpose of inevitably being burned. These joss paper objects are burned with the […]

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Spirit Money For Dummies

  You have decided to use spirit money to honor your ancestors. Congratulations! That statement alone may seem like something along the same lines as “You have decided to build an ark” or “You have decided to build Hadrian’s wall.” Well, I’m here to tell you that this booklet was especially made to make it […]

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