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Manchu Eight Banners Game Proposal Abstract

The Manchu are an interesting minority in that they managed to rule China for nearly 300 years. During that reign they publicly wore a “Confucian face” when dealing with the public, and they professed that Han and Manchu were equal. This can make it seem as if there was very little difference between the two […]

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Manchu Archery

A brief Overview of the Manchu People

While only making up less than 2% of the entire chinese population, the Manchu people were able to create an empire that would last close to 300 years.  For my final project I created an informational booklet for travelers on the Manchu people.  In this booklet I go over the Manchu people’s history, culture and […]

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Liaoning Province and the Manchu

The Manchurian people have a long and deep-rooted history with China. Manchuria was originally located north of China in what would now be considered the Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang provinces in northern China. The incorporation of these provinces into China took place in 1644 during the rise of the Qing dynasty. It is at this […]

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