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Cafe Central

Café Central is one of the most famous coffee houses in Vienna. Coffee house culture is a very important to Viennese people. They have a very long history. Vienna wasn’t the first city to have coffee houses. Coffee houses existed in Mecca since the 12th century. Coffee houses appeared in places throughout Europe starting in […]

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Armenian Literature

The Armenians have endured thirteen tumultuous centuries comprised of invasions, migrations, and displacements that have forced them to loosen their grasp on Armenian culture. From the beginning of their existence, Armenians had to concoct different ways to create nationalism and preserve their culture from afar. As a result, Armenian language and literature have featured crucial elements of […]

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Fox Spirits

For my final project I decided to write an essay about the Chinese fox spirit, the Chinese word for the fox spirit is either huli jing or huxian which translates literally as “fox-spirit”. After reading a few stories about the fox spirits from Pu Songling’s book, Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio, I took a lot […]

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