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The Ottoman Empire: The Imperial Harem System

Kadence Verge COR-330-14 The Ottoman Empire: The Imperial Harem System   For my Common Assignment in my COR-330-13 class titled Istanbul, I will be summarizing my Ottoman research and coursework.   For my Ottoman research and coursework I have done a three-part project that included a presentation on the harem system, an ekphrasis paper on […]

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Millet Systems & Current Minority Laws

For my final project I worked on comparing the Ottoman millet systems with current legislation in how Islamic countries treat minorities in order to combat ignorance. To fully understand the connection, it’s necessary to quickly summarize what the millet systems were. Originally, they were built to keep religious minorities in separate but ideally equal groups […]

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The Fourth Crusade and Religious War

Stephen Costello Professor Kite Istanbul April 26 2016 Global Connections   4th Crusade and Religious War For the first half of my Istanbul class, I focused on the 4th Crusade and its effect on the city of Constantinople, as well as how religious war effects the world still to this day. To start off with […]

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