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The Question Of Jihad, and How it is Defined by the Islamic Faith

Last week, for my 9th Twitter assignment I decided to examine the question of Jihad and what it truly means when stripped off all its negative connotations, and in its purist form as it appears in Koranic text. Here is what I wrote last week; ” This week I stumbled across the concept of Jihad […]

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Sinan, Mosques and the Poor

Mimar Sinan, whose real name is actually Mi’mâr Yusuf Sinân Ağâ, or Sinan Agha the Great Architect, was probably the greatest and important architect in the history of the Ottoman Empire’s architectural heritage. He had to earn his title through years of building various structures across the Middle East before getting noticed, and eventually his […]

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The Poet of Palestine: Mahmoud Darwish

THE POET OF PALESTINE: MAHMOUD DARWISH The story of how one poet united a nation Mahmoud Darwish was a poet of Palestinian origin who is known for effectively capturing the thoughts and feelings of Palestinians regarding the Arab Spring. Due to the almost universally compelling nature of his works, he is considered Palestine’s most respected […]

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