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The Sounds of Amman – A Summary

Within the Jordan’s Cultural Mosaic class, we were given the choice to analyze certain artifacts of Jordanian lifestyle which would help us understand more about the social aspect of being Jordanian. For my analysis of the Sounds of Amman artifact, the chosen approach was to assess it both historically and culturally to find a meaning […]

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Jordan Artifact Analysis

For my project I analyzed this picture with no other context and posed questions to myself and tried to answer them knowing what I know about Jordan and about Islam.  The main question I asked was “How does her religion affect her work?”  There are several assumptions I made by posing this question, 1) that […]

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Artifact Analysis: Sounds of Amman

The city of Amman speaks. Only hearing the sounds of Jordan’s capital gave a new perspective  to the city and demonstrated the importance of sound. The recording began with subtle gusts and the chirps of birds. Slowly the city came into perspective as cars filled the soundscape. Finally, the Muslim call to prayer, the adhan, […]

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