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Vielvolkerstaat- Shifting our World

Vielvolkerstaat is a German word meaning multi-ethnic state. According to political scientist Christoph Schnellbach of Oldenburg University in Germany, a Vielvolkerstaat or multi-ethnic state is a territorially limited political sovereignty comprising of two or more nations and whose members, including all people, are granted the equal right or legal status even at a the lowest […]

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The Economics and History of the Rubik’s Cube

[EDIT: Added category + minor parenthetical citation abbreviation] (Properly formatted PDF Version: Here) Summer Softleigh Prof. Betsy Allen-Pennebaker COR-330-10: Vienna: Bridge From West-East 1 December 2016 The Rubik’s Cube was a “masterpiece of masterpieces” (Rubik et al. xi).  It is used by a variety of people for a variety of reasons, such as teaching, mathematics, hand-eye […]

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“Anerkennungsgesetz” — Austria and the Muslim world

  Xenophobia is as much a part of European political rhetoric as is the Euro, and with the recent attacks on Paris (and the massive influx of Syrian immigrants it’s being blamed on) these right-wing sentiments are beginning to rear their ugly head again. Many EU countries have declared sanctions against the flow of these […]

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