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Buddhist Afterlife

For my Final Project I made a brochure on a guide to the Buddhist Afterlife. The magnitude of the reward of an afterlife promised in the case of Christians is significantly greater than in relation to both Buddhism and Taiwanese folk religions. My main focus for my project  is on afterlife in the Buddhist religion. […]

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How to Ensure Your Afterlife Goes Swimmingly


It’s hard to grasp the finality of death, but perhaps it’s even harder to grasp the reasons why we may have a rocky afterlife period. What are those key elements preventing you from swift reincarnation? What dirty deeds do you need to atone for before you face the ten magistrates of Diyu? What can I do to help you avoid a long stay in the stony lonesome of the afterlife? Well, as it turns it out, the expertise and the research that will help to save your bacon lies within my very special self-help guide of “How to Ensure Your Afterlife Goes Swimmingly“.

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