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Burning Money Like You’ll Die Tomorrow

Burning money is an ancient Chinese tradition. Real money isn’t being burned, it is being spent on paper imitations which are burned. What these imitations are called can change depending on who you talk to.  Many refer to them as zhĭ or paper but this does not create a difference between the paper that is […]

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Exploring Fox Spirits

I wanted to dive a little deeper into the belief and understanding of fox spirits, but I didn’t simply want to do a research paper. One of my favorite texts from the Gods, Ghosts, Ancestors course was Pu Songling’s Strange Tales. So I thought to myself, “Why not mix my major in with my core project and […]

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Love After Death: Chinese Ghost Marriage (Abstract)

For my final project, I chose to focus on the tradition of ghost marriage in China. This topic interested me not only because of the implications regarding gender, ancestry, and relationships in Chinese culture, but also because of the seemingly blurred distinction between the living and the dead. My project takes the form of a […]

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The Diamond Cutter Institute -The Roach Controversy

My final project will take the form of a research paper, on American re-interpretations and corruptions of Tibetan Buddhism. For example the teachings of Geshe Michael Roach, and his.Diamond Cutter Institute. Roach has been the main focus of my research. Roach has several distinguishing features that point to him being a master influencer and manipulator, […]

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This graceful and serene sculpture depicts Guanyin, one of the most popular of all Bodhisattvas, whose name literally means 'the one who always hears sounds'. Known in China as 'the compassionate Bodhisattva', who listens to every prayer, Guanyin was often placed behind the main Buddha image in a temple. This figure was almost certainly made for a temple in Shaanxi province in northern China. Guanyin's altar surround probably took the form of a rocky grotto related to the throne of rocks he sits on. The fine carving and beautiful surface decoration lend the image its power, while the layers of pigment reveal interesting scientific and historical detail.

Journey to the South: A Video Game About Guanyin and Compassion

Journey to the South is a proposed video game about the figure of Guanyin. The goal of this project is to explore compassion and religion in video games and virtual reality storytelling. The name is a reference to Journey to the West, an epic, part of Chinese classic literature in which Guanyin features prominently as a character.

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