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  Throughout history, the development of architectural techniques and ideologies have evolved dramatically on global scale. Not surprisingly, nations have used their architectural designs effectively to express their technical and structural skills. Additionally, architecture may also be used as a lens to understand societies: socially, economically, and politically; we can use architecture to better analyze […]

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Bursting the Maquiladora Bubble with Human Rights

“They’re takin’ are jobs!” shout American xenophobes everywhere, fearing the invasion of cheap Mexican labor into the United States. Meanwhile, U.S. citizens are moving across the border in droves, whether as a daily commute or to establish residency, trying to get their slice of the lucrative pie that is the border region’s maquiladora industry. Maquiladoras […]

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Islamic Integration in the European Union (Abstract)

Following the end of World War II, Continental Europe found itself struggling to rebuild after the largest war the modern world had ever seen.  Realizing that rebuilding nationally would only result in further conflict between the ruffled nations, the idea of a single, unified economic entity began to immerge as possible solution to prevent future […]

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