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Armenian Music in Jordan’s Cultural Milieu

The artifact that I chose to analyze was a performance of an Armenian folk song, sung by the Armenian Choir of Jordan. With no understanding of the Armenian language, but some understanding of the way music is used as a universal language, I tried to observe the way the melody and harmony worked to give […]

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My Trip to the Other Side

My Trip to the Other Side The specificity of culture flows indivisibly into our notion of identity. The way that we view something as commonplace and how we interpret the world are markers of a locally constructed cultural identity. However in an increasingly interconnected world, the development of a global citizenship presents as a necessary […]

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The Bedouin tent artifact

Brandon Colby Common assignment summary     The Bedouin tent is an artifact to the lifestyle of the Bedouin people as they need a portable home as nomads. The tent also represents how the local environment in which the people live shapes their lifestyle and attitudes. Again the tent has even more meaning because that […]

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