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My Boutey Vodou: Boutey for Gede

BRIAN HOLDER BOUTEY VODOU FOR GEDE Glass bottle, yarn, newspaper, fabric, ribbons This bottle is dedicated to the playful vodou lwa of death, sex, and children: Gede. Meant to visually allude to the child-like way he treats sex in most of his common depictions. The top of the bottle is supposed to allude to his […]

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Bottle for Gede

LILLIAN VINSON BOTTLE FOR GEDE – 2017. Glass bottle, fabric, mirrors, paper, sequins, beads, yarn   This bottle is for Gede, whose domain is death, sex, and the protection of children.  These things are inevitable parts of life, and are often unwanted or unpleasant.  This bottle represents the good and the bad of life and […]

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Boutey Vodou for Papa Gede – 2015

NICHOLAS COUTU BOUTEY VODOU FOR PAPA GEDE – 2015 Glass bottle, plastic doll, rubber skull, streamer, crayon, teeth Inspired by Haitian spirit Papa Gede, this bottle is dedicated to the Vodou spirit of death and fertility. Although often considered the good counterpart of Baron Samedi, Papa Gede is known for his foul language and vulgarity. […]

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