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Mexican Cuisine Along the U.S.-Mexico Border

The epitome of misconception and ignorance with Mexican culture lies within the preconceived ideas of what Mexican cuisine truly is. America provides us with chains like Taco Bell to give us a taste of what this culture can provide. But is Mexican food really tacos, burritos, and enchiladas? I’m here to tell you that is […]

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The Lesson

For my final project I decided to write a script depicting a very heated lesson six college students all learned together. The story follows Chris, Kyle, George, Phil, Bernie, and Sam and the day they agreed to play what they saw as a harmless game. A game that would lead them down a path to a realization […]

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Senate Bill 1070

The Arizona Immigration Law, officially called Senate Bill 1070, continues to enforce the need for a US-Mexico border, but it also creates a socially constructed border. SB 1070 law is meant to limit the participation of Latino/a citizens in Southwestern society. SB 1070 was passed in 2010 by the Arizona senate in an attempt to […]

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