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Anything to do with food, including preparation, consumption, presentation, cultural meanings of food, symbolic meanings of food, spiritual meanings of food, etc.

Spicy Religion

Taste, a sense associated with the nose and scientifically proven to be the most memorable sense that we have which spans memories throughout a lifetime. The two senses are interchangeable and coincide with each other’s existence. In Shaking the Spirit I have discovered the side of Santeria that uses senses to explain religion. If a […]

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Shredded Pancakes: The “Emperor’s Nonsense”

   As a cultural crossroad bridging the East and West, Vienna has been influenced and shaped by the many traditions of the many people that have flowed through its borders. However, one cultural artifact which is a true Viennese tradition is Kaiserschmarrn. The “schmarrn” in “Kaiserschmarrn,” means “mishmash” or “nonsense” in Austrian-German, making it a […]

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Adventures With Germknoedel

Norman Paquette Vienna Betsy Allen-Pennebaker 14 April 2016 Austria is well known throughout the world as a land of culture, and taste, and for bridging the gap between the East and the West within Europe. Along with this, they are known for producing some of the most famous dishes that Europe has to offer, including […]

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Sachertorte: The Bizarrely Controversial Cake

  Sachertorte is one of Austria’s most popular and bizarrely controversial desserts. In 1832 a sixteen year old named Franz Sacher was the apprentice in the bakery of Prince Clemens Lothar Wensel Metternich, minister of Austria. The minister asked the staff to create a new dessert that would please his guests, however, the head chef […]

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Supernatural Beliefs Embedded in Chinese Medicine

Can you imagine what it’d be like if you were an herbalist who had to expel an evil spirit from someone’s body? For my topic, I’ve chosen Chinese supernatural beliefs embedded in Chinese medicine (qi, yin/yang, etc.). I will share what I’ve learned through a non-fictional story titled: The Pig, The Spearman, & the Zhōngyī. […]

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