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Jordanian Albanian Singers and How they fit as global citizens

The Armenian Jordanians singing in this choir are defined by their Historical and cultural backgrounds and are perpetuating the diaspora in which they dwell. Armenians in Jordan started out as refugees from the Ottoman Empire’ massacre right after World War One. Most of the people arrived on foot after being driven from their homeland. Millions […]

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The Importance of Armenian Folk Music

My artifact analysis focused on an Armenian folk song performed by the Jordan Armenian Choir. Unfortunately, I can’t understand the song, but to me the tone of the song conveys feelings of suffering while also displaying Armenian tradition. Folk music is meant to convey a culture’s traditional roots to music and philosophy. What this made […]

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Armenian Music in Jordan’s Cultural Milieu

The artifact that I chose to analyze was a performance of an Armenian folk song, sung by the Armenian Choir of Jordan. With no understanding of the Armenian language, but some understanding of the way music is used as a universal language, I tried to observe the way the melody and harmony worked to give […]

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