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A Pwen For Ezili

Vodou is a religion that combined Catholicism and African spirituality out of necessity. During the slave trade, Africans were forced to adopt Catholic beliefs because their owners feared that their religions could be used to communicate and fuel rebellion. However, the slaves were unwilling to give up their spirituality, so they found Catholic saints that […]

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Ezili of Many Faces

For my paper, I chose to write about the Haitian vodou lwa known as Ezili, or as it’s also spelled, Erzulie. I chose this particular topic because female deities are of interest to me. Among all the options to choose from, I selected Ezili somewhat at random. I have since learned a great deal more […]

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The Three Ezili

“Vodou has been an integral part of the Haitian political landscape since the first African slaves arrived in the colony of Sant Dominge in the early sixteenth century.  No historiographer, political scientist or anthropologist can deny the weight of Vodou in the formation of the Haitian state” (White 62). The Ezili’s are a group of […]

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