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Cooperation Amongst the European Union States

The European Union as an organization is built upon the idea of communication and agreement. Taking place in the years following World War II, the six countries that would form the beginnings of the European Union via the signing of the Treaty of Rome decided that the only way to move forward beyond the bloodshed […]

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An “Eurotic” Conversion

Austria is among the top richest countries in the world when ranked by per capita GDP, and has a high standard of living. Since the 1980’s, Austria has been gradually converting nationalized industries into into private firms, while also becoming more diversified in trade with various European countries. With Austria’s integration into the eurozone and […]

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Germany, Economics, and the European Debt Crisis

Since the Great Recession, members of the Eurozone have been dealing with an economic problem. High government structural deficits and accelerating debt levels in several countries has created the European debt crisis, with the most notable result being the current Greek government debt crisis.  Due to the interconnected nature of the European Union, the economic crisis and failings of one country can affect the rest, and multiple countries having problems makes the crisis even worse. While the European Union may usually prefer working as a group of equals, a strong, single leadership on how to handle the countries’ economies may be needed. The European country with the strongest economy, Germany, has shown to know how to handle changes, such as the recent economic recession as well as the shift to the euro.

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