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Ottoman Sciences: 15th-17th Century

David Atkinson Ottoman Sciences   The Byzantine Empire was conquered in 1453 by Mehmed The Conqueror, and this was a huge turning point in cultural history for the region. The Ottoman Empire controlled a variety of regions spanning from Southeast Europe to the Horn of Africa, and during the height of their golden age they […]

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The Abduction from the Seraglio

Dominic Rizzo Prof. Elizabeth Allen-Pennebaker COR 330-18: Vienna 18 April 2016 The Abduction from the Seraglio             On a daily basis, people are meet with adversity, be it something small like misplacing keys or something monumental like a natural disaster. For all of time people have been working through such misfortunes. But how to work […]

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Battle of Vienna: 1683

Artifact Project: The Battle of Vienna Historical Context The Ottomans were an expansionist empire. They wanted to not only wipe out Christendom in Europe but spread Muslim Faith as well. On April 5th 1453, Mehmed II, ruler of the Ottoman Empire approached Constantinople which, at the time was said to be “the greatest power the […]

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