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Jordanian Artifact Analysis

  Pottery in Jordan For my artifact analysis I chose to examine the image of a Jordanian woman crafting ceramics. The patterns displayed on the quickly caught my attention with both the repetitive patterns and a potential religious influence- I wanted to learn more. Also curious was the woman in the image, I wondered if […]

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What does it mean to be Jordanian?

Jordan is a country that’s located in Middle East Asia with neighboring countries including Israel, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Jordan culture in consisted of Arabic and Islamic principle. Their official language is Arabic, and English is widely understood among upper and middle classes. Jordan’s population is relatively small (6.5 Million), which may benefit the […]

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Jordan’s Cultural Mosaic

This picture manifests an interrelationship between Jordan, a Jordanian identity, and its relationship with larger global phenomena. It describes cultural traditions and world views, as well as significant historical experiences, amongst the Jordanian people and in Jordan. While analyzing this photo, two elements came to mind. The first was the concept of being a woman […]

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