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Boutey Vodou, Bawon Samedi

  Bottles are an important part of the typical Vodou altar. On one hand, they are easy to find and cheap to access, but on the other they can convey messages in interesting ways due to the nature of the bottle. What is inside the bottle can be something carried, or something sent, like a […]

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Haitian Bottle Project for Ogoun

Patrick Lemay Boutey Offering for Ogoun–2015 Glass Bottle, Paint, Fabric, Cigars My bottle project is inspired by and dedicated to the Haitian Lwa, Ogoun. Ogoun is a national hero to Haiti, and is known as a powerful warrior for the early country. ┬áThe bottle represents his preferred colors (Blue and Red), his associated Veve, and […]

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Vodou Bottle for Papa Gede

In our course for Shaking the Spirit, a class devoted to Afro-Creole religion, we had a project in which we had to make a Vodou bottle for a specific spirit. Before going into what I chose to use for materials and why I made the artistic decisions I made it is rather important to delve […]

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