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The rise of a new interest in Confucianism in China today

Abstract In contemporary China, the most influential and important people in Chinese society promote the revival of Confucianism. This promotion represents a crucial part of the new prevailing ideologies for China Communist Party and China’s future depends on the success this honored political tradition: Confucianism. For 2,500 years, this philosophy has influenced the thoughts and […]

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Spirituality and The Supernatural in Chinese Medicine

This past semester, I have gained significant knowledge about spiritual life and vernacular religion in China. This is a subject that, previously, I had very little knowledge of. Learning about the way that religions are developing, after the Cultural Revolution and official atheism under the Communist party, has been a fascinating experience. This suppression that […]

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Folk Gods of Chinese Culture: A Quick-Reference Guide

Chris Johnson 11.19.2014 COR330-09 Gods, Ghosts, & Ancestors Final Project Abstract For westerners traveling to China, what one might find the most surprising about Chinese folk religion is it’s complexity. Over thousands of years, Chinese culture has given rise to hundreds of different gods, each with their own personalities, domains, and idiosyncrasies. Many enthusiasts who […]

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