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A Rainforest Without Rain… Or a Forest: Climate Change in the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest has frequently been referred to as the “lungs of the earth” due to its critical role in absorbing a large portion of the atmosphere’s CO2 emissions, acting as a carbon sink. However, in recent decades, human-driven industries have compromised the Amazon’s ability to absorb this carbon dioxide. When too much carbon dioxide […]

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Deforestation in Brazil its affect on climate change

Deforestation has become a large problem in recent years because of climate change and its negative effect on the environment. The climate change has affected large cities in Brazil causing them to try and create hydroelectric dams, which is leaving the Arara indigenous village struggling for the basic necessities of life, no trees no water. […]

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Flooding in the Amazon and Climate Change

In 2009, the water levels of the Amazon River were at an all time low, and in 2010, they were at an all time high. These extreme weather patterns are displacing the people who live in the Amazon River Basin and the drastic changes in the water levels are impacting the entire ecosystem and its […]

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