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Dar Al-Islam:Yemen – Twitter Assignment

In the Dar al-Islam: Yemen course with Gary Scudder, our assignment was a 10 week, weekly assignment. We were to create 5 tweets relating to Yemen and write a 250 to 350 word reflection and commentary on the tweets and relate them to topics from the course. The following is one of the weekly submissions […]

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Abstract: The Story of Zahra

For my final paper I chose to read and analyze another story by Nuha Samara, author of “Two Faces, One Woman,” which we read for class, and which I quite enjoyed. As it turns out, finding any other stories by Samara is next to impossible, and so I finally gave up on that idea. In […]

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US Military Influence on the Arab Spring

Chris Johnson 11.20.2014 COR330-10 Arab Spring Final Project – Abstract US MILITARY INFLUENCE ON THE ARAB SPRING In late 2010, the Arab World was shaken by a series of major uprisings and revolutions in over a dozen countries. These uprisings were a long time coming, the result of decades of poor leadership, socioeconomic disparity, and […]

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